Newmarket Racecourse

7 May 2000: General view from the members stand during the Guineas meeting at Newmarket in England. Paul Severn /Allsport
Newmarket Racecourse boasts two courses – the famous Rowley Mile Course and the July Course, both of which host some of the top events in the UK racing calendar.

For the Rowley Mile, Newmarket Racecourse includes three main enclosures:

Premier Enclosure

Provides the best views of the winning post and access to the other enclosures. A strict formal dress code is enforced here

Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure

Opened in 2000, this enclosure provides good views of the Rowley Mile Course, the parade ring and the winners’ circle, as well as access to the Garden Enclosure. A smart to casual dress code is encouraged.

Rowley Enclosure

Provides views of the Rowley Mile track but not of the winning post or the parade ring. Includes tote betting outlets, mobile catering units and a playground for children.

Visit our 2,000 Guineas tickets page for information about tickets for any of the three enclosures.

Bookmakers are situated in both the Paddock and Rowley Enclosures. For more information about facilities at the course, visit our Newmarket Racecourse facilities page.

Newmarket Racecourse History

Newmarket Racecourse is one of the oldest known venues still in use for horse racing. The first recorded race – between Lord Salisbury and the Marquis of Buckingham – was held on its open heath in 1622. In the 1700s, King Charles II was an avid supporter of Newmarket races and moved his court there each year. Charles II was nicknamed “Old Rowley” and rode a horse of the same name. Hence the name of the Rowley Mile Course, which has been home to the 2,000 Guineas since 1809 and to the 1,000 Guineas since 1814.

During both World War I and World War II, Newmarket Racecourse was the only racecourse in Britain that continued to host races, and all of the five Classic Races were run there.

Since the mid-1900s, Newmarket Racecourse has undergone substantial modernisation. In 2000, the Queen opened its imposing Millennium Grandstand, and in 2007, Newmarket Racecourse embarked on a £10m redevelopment of the July Course.